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We help patients locate and book healthcare professionals online based on location and reviews.

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Simplifying healthcare payments and claims

Whitecoat Pro is an innovative mobile payments and claiming solution for healthcare practitioners, enabling you to process private health insurance rebates and gap payments for your patients on-the-spot.

Whitecoat Pro is a simple and easy-to-use mobile app with the power to transform your business. Sign up now and recieve free transaction fees until 31 March 2020.

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Claim Your Profile

We currently have over 90,000 Healthcare Professionals successfully using Whitecoat. Claiming your free profile and updating your details, and adding Online Appointments on Whitecoat allows you to connect with new and existing patients already looking for you online.


Attract more Patients

Build Your Profile

Use the Whitecoat Provider Portal to customize 
and manage your profile.

  • Upload Profile Photo
  • Add Services & Opening Hours
  • Add Your Bio and any other details

Having a complete profile will improve your ranking on the Whitecoat website and make your profile more attractive to patients.


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Enhance your Profile

Boost your ranking by using our Online Appointment package, setting up a Practice Listing, or finding out what your patients are saying with a Survey solution.


Whitecoat Practice Listings

Showcase your Practice

Whitecoat now lists both Practices and individual Practitioners, meaning patients can easily search 
via your Practice name or by your Practitioners’ names.

  • All your reviews rolled up to Practice level
  • Display your Practice logo
  • Promote special Practice offers
  • Practice appointments button

Patients can book anytime, anywhere

Patients love the convenience and consistency 
of booking online appointments through Whitecoat, something they 
can do anywhere, anytime with their online device.

SMS/Email Appointments
SMS/Email Appointments

Start accepting bookings via Email 
or SMS through your Whitecoat Profile.

Practice Appointments
Practice Appointments

Have a Practice? Included in your subscription is Practice Appointments

Link PMS Appointments
Link PMS Appointments

Already have a booking solution? Link to it 
from Whitecoat for more reach.


Find out what your patients are saying

Whitecoat Surveys

Whitecoat sends out online patient surveys on your behalf 
to both better understand their experience and needs 
after visiting with a Healthcare Professional.

  • Receive real time feedback
  • Reply to your patients
  • Improve patient loyalty
  • Reviews are anonymous

All reviews are moderated according to AHPRA Guidelines.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Whitecoat launched?

We have developed Whitecoat to allow all Australians to search and compare health care providers to allow them to make better and more informed choices when selecting health care providers. Whitecoat is particularly useful for people who have moved to a new area or need treatment for a specialist service for the first time, as well as those wanting a recommendation from patients who have already visited a health care provider.

We want to help consumers make the right choices when they need to make them.

How legitimate are customer reviews?

Whitecoat user have access to an ever-growing 250,000 moderated reviews from real users so you can be certain you pick the right provider every time. Please note, our reviews are never based on clinical feedback. We focus on the customer service experience only.

When completing a Whitecoat survey, users are also given the opportunity to provide a review on their customer service experience. Reviews are sourced from Whitecoat users who have been provided with a billable service from the provider. Before reviews are published to Whitecoat, they must first pass through extensive checking procedures and moderation guidelines. This process ensures reviews are relevant to the service that was provided, are not offensive or contain profanity, and do not assess the provider’s clinical expertise or quality of clinical care. Reviews that do not pass through this process are not published.

For the full moderation guidelines, click here: https://www.whitecoat.com.au/page/moderation-guidelines

How is Whitecoat different from other comparison sites?

Designed to help all Australians find and compare health care providers in their local area, Whitecoat is an innovative and unique website. We strictly manage the process of obtaining, reviewing and publishing data and reviews about each provider. Whitecoat’s feedback process ensures that all reviews and comments have passed through our extensive moderation guidelines before being published.

Over the past 3 years Whitecoat has consulted widely with industry and government stakeholders to improve the functionality of Whitecoat and ensure that it is and will remain Australia’s most comprehensive online health care provider directory. Whitecoat features an immense range of health care providers and provides key contact details in an aim to offer a new portal of choice to all Australians.

Am I breaching the AHPRA guidelines?

Registration on Whitecoat does not breach the law regarding testimonials, and Whitecoat has frequently consulted with a range of industry bodies and stakeholders, including the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to seek their guidance around customer reviews. We are confident that because Whitecoat operates as a forum for patients to share their views about their customer service experience, health practitioners will not be considered to be engaging in advertising contrary to the law. Whitecoat seeks feedback from customers in an objective, contemporaneous manner, and as the individual provider does not seek the review this is not a breach of the law. The objective questions are based on customer experience and are not clinical in nature, and all comments are moderated to ensure compliance with all laws, including clinical feedback. All Whitecoat reviews are also moderated to ensure that they remain anonymous and ethical.

How are the star-ratings determined?

The star-ratings on Whitecoat are based on an average of all reviews received for a provider at a listed practicing location.

How are written reviews monitored?

Written reviews allow customers to provide more personalised feedback regarding their customer service experience. This may help other customers using Whitecoat to make more informed decisions when choosing a healthcare provider.

Prior to publication, all written reviews submitted by customers are reviewed by the Whitecoat team against our Moderation Guidelines. This ensures written reviews are fair and balanced, not clinical and prevents sensitive, offensive or defamatory written reviews from being posted.

Written reviews published on Whitecoat are unedited and posted in full. If a section of a review is deemed inappropriate based on the Moderation Guidelines, the entire written review will not be published at all. The overall star rating will be published.

As a provider you can report a written review that you would like to have removed and the Whitecoat Team will remove it. The public can also report written reviews as being inappropriate. Any review reported by the public will be re-moderated by the Whitecoat Team and if it is found to be inappropriate it will be removed.

How do I manage my profile information?

First you need to claim your Whitecoat profile here then you’ll be able to:

  • Include your business details (opening hours, services and facilities provided, contact numbers, email address etc)
  • Update your personal details (name, gender and languages spoken)
  • Choose whether or not to display the written customer reviews
  • Receive written customer reviews before they are published to Whitecoat

If you practice out of multiple locations, you’ll have a profile for each of your practice locations. You can use one email address to link and mange each of your profiles.

Can my profile be removed from Whitecoat?

No, you can’t opt out of Whitecoat.

Your Whitecoat profile includes basic directory information, such as your practice location and phone number, which will always be displayed. Additional Provider Profile information (such as opening hours, billing methods etc) can be added or removed by logging into your account and modifying your Provider Profile details.

You can elect not to display patient comments. You can remove these by logging into your account and changing your Provider Profile settings. If you choose to remove these items from display, any member of the public viewing your Provider Profile will be notified that you have elected to remove these items from display on Whitecoat.